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Silicon Rubber Keyboard

  • Silicon Rubber Keyboard | Keypads Manufacturer
  • Silicon Rubber Keyboard | Keypads Manufacturer
  • Silicon Rubber Keyboard | Keypads Manufacturer

About Products :

These Silicon Rubber Keyboards comprise of a Snap Dome Switch and a Glass Epoxy PCB, which is used as a base and for the circuit. A layer of Silicon material covers and seals this assembly using Industrial Grade Adhesives. These type of sealed keyboards can be offered in any size and shape and are made as per customer's specifications and requirements. Silicon Keyboards can also be offered by using a carbon contact instead of a snap dome arrangement. However, in this case the overall life of the switch will be relatively lower.

Industry :

Industrial Electronics, Process Controls, Access Controls, Defense Equipment, etc.


PLCs, CNC based Machine Tools, Special Purpose Machines (SPMs), Defense Applications, etc.

Technology :

These Silicon Rubber Keyboard are similar to Snap Dome Switch Keyboards where the snap domes are mounted and sealed on a gold plated PCB to conduct the signals in the keyboard circuit. The main difference is that a silicon layer is used as an overlay in place of the polyester material. The snap dome can also be replaced by having a carbon contact although this would reduce the overall life of the switch.


Silicon Rubber Keyboard tend to be more suitable for applications that are sold in relatively large volumes (1000 nos.). The Silicon layer has to be moulded in order to use it as an Overlay. This involves relatively expensive tooling which can get amortised only if the volumes are high. Silicon is a very tough material and can withstand most harsh environments. Silicon Keyboards are used extensively in Process Controls, Medical Devices, Consumer Products, etc. Enquire Now
Specifications for PC based Sealed Keyboards
  • Silicon Keyboards can withstand very harsh environments.
  • Silicon Keyboards offer an enhanced aesthetic effect.
  • Silicon Keyboards can be backlit.
  • Silicon Keyboards offer different switch operating pressures