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Keyboard Products

Illuminated Keyboards

  • Illuminated Keyboards, Pushbutton, Toggle switches
  • Illuminated Keyboards, Pushbutton, Toggle switches
  • Illuminated Keyboards, Pushbutton, Toggle switches
  • Illuminated Keyboards, Pushbutton, Toggle switches

About Products :

Keyboards having illuminated switch areas are commonly termed as Illuminated Keyboards. Illumination can be of two types – entire switch area or only for the text/legends. Illuminated is achieved by using a light source under the switch. In most of the cases, illuminated push buttons made by reputed manufacturers like Omron, Rafi, etc. are used.

Industry :

Consumer Electronics, Process Controls, Access Controls, Machine Tools, etc.


Special Purpose Machines (SPMs), Water Dispensers, Elevators, Ultra Sound Machines etc.

Technology :

Illumination is achieved by using LEDs under the switches. The Overlay can be of different materials like Polyester, Metal Caps, Silicon, etc. where the illuminated portion is made translucent of semi-transparent to allow the light to pass through.

Illuminated Keyboards can be made by using snap domes, or push buttons where the LED is inbuilt in the switch self. These switches are assembled on a separate PCB which is then mounted behind the Overlay Panels and sealed. However, Illuminated Keyboards using snap domes can be made only by using a silicon material as the Overlay.


Illuminated Keyboards can be used in all types of environments especially where the equipment has to be used in areas of low lighting. They are also used in systems where it is necessary to highlight the functions in operation by illuminating the respective switches. These include Medical Devices, Access Controls, Machine Tool Controls, Elevators, as well as Defense applications. Enquire Now
Specifications for Illuminated Keyboards (Using Omron switches)
Specifications for Illuminated Keyboards (Using Snap dome switches)
  • Illumination of Key Switch areas as well as for text/legends.
  • Various colour illuminations offered.
  • Illuminated keyboards using Polyester, Silicon, Metal Caps can also be offered.