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Membrane Keypads

  • Membrane Keypads
  • Membrane Keypads
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About Products :

These membrane keypads comprise of a Snap Dome Switch and a screen printed (with Silver Alloy Paste) polyester layer, which is used as a base and for the circuit. A layer of Polyester or Polycarbonate covers and seals this assembly using Industrial Grade Adhesives made by manufacturers like 3M, Avery Dennison, etc. These type of sealed keyboards can be offered in any size and shape and are made as per customer's specifications and requirements.

Industry :

Consumer Electronics, Process Controls, Office Equipment, etc.


PLCs, Water Dispensers, Laboratory Instruments, etc.

Technology :

As the name suggests, these membrane Switch are made entirely of membranes (polyester materials). The circuit is screen printed on a polyester sheet and the snap dome switches are assembled on the same. The graphics are also screen printed on a polyester sheet and the these 2 layers are stuck together using adhesives from 3M, Avery Dennison, etc. The tracks are terminated through a flexible tail with a connector crimped at the other end.


Since the circuit is on a layer of polyester (and not on a glass epoxy PCB), the life of these keypads is relatively less. (10,000 operations). Hence the usage is typically in non-critical applications or products with low life cycles. Since the price of such keypads is also relatively less, they are a perfect match for low end applications or high volume requirements. These keyboards can also accommodate LEDs of various colours and shapes. Enquire Now
Specifications for Membrane Keypads
  • Considering their relatively lower price at high volumes (More than 250 nos per batch), these keypads be used in low cost applications.
  • Being flexible, they can be used on curved surfaces.