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Silicon Rubber Keyboard

  • Silicon Rubber Keyboard Technology
  • Silicon Rubber Keyboard Technology
  • Silicon Rubber Keyboard Technology
These keyboards are similar to Snap Dome Switch Keyboards where the snap domes are mounted and sealed on a gold plated PCB to conduct the signals in the keyboard circuit. The main difference is that a silicon layer is used as an overlay in place of the polyester material. The snap dome can also be replaced by having a carbon contact although this would reduce the overall life of the switch.

Silicon material is extremely inert and is not affected by harsh climatic conditions or by any external materials like solvents, acids, etc. The key operating pressure can also be adjusted by changing the shore hardness of the silicon used.

Silicon can be moulded in to any shape and size as per requirements. It can also offer a variety of colours to add to the aesthetics of the keyboard. As silicon is translucent in its basic form, it can be used to make illuminated keyboards. Enquire Now