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Keyboard Products

Industrial PC Compatible Sealed Keyboard Panels

  • Industrial Keyboards
  • Industrial Keyboards
  • Industrial Keyboards
  • Industrial Keyboards

About Products :

These are Industrial Sealed Keyboards which can be connected to a computer directly as the switches are programmed to give an ASCII code through a PS2/USB output. The Industrial Sealed Keyboards can be customized as per requirement not only by way of size, shape, number of switches, etc., but by even programming each switch to give a customized code. SBL has tied up with Sprintek USA who offer different type of ICs/EEPROMs that can offer various types of configurable PC based keyboards.

Industry :

Industrial Electronics, Process Controls, Defense Equipment, etc.


PLCs, CNC based Machine Tools, Special Purpose Machines (SPMs), Defense Applications, etc.

Technology :

PC based keyboards are programmed to offer ASCII codes by using special ICs/EEPROMs. These ICs/EEPROMs are programmed to offer the code as per customers’ requirements. These Chips can configure up to 256 switches and can also control 128 LEDs. SBL offers both the Hardware (interface cards) and the software programming required in customized versions. Besides offering the PC based keyboard switches, Sealed Touchpads are also offered to make an integrated PC based Sealed Keyboards with Touchpad.


Industrial processes are now controlled more and more by computer systems. All such computers used are usually located in Shop Floor environments, which by any standards tend to be unclean. Normal switch keyboards used to operate such systems are always affected by the harsh environments in the Shop Floor area.

SBL therefore offers a Industrial Sealed PC compatible keyboard which can with stand these harsh conditions prevailing on Shop Floors or other areas. The Keyboard is similar in construction to the Snap Dome Sealed Keyboard. It is housed in an IP55 grade enclosure and can be used as a desktop device. Keyboards with out enclosures can also be provided for direct assembly on the Panels.

Besides the standard 104 switch keyboard (with Trackpad) SBL can also customize the layouts and size of such keyboards. SBL also offers the freedom of using customized ASCII codes to suit every requirement. Enquire Now
Specifications for PC based Sealed Keyboards
  • Replaces the normal ASCII Keyboard with respect to the software, dimensions, circuits, legends, etc. No complicated fitments or programming is required.
  • Just plug in the PS2/USB socket into the Keyboard port and it's ready to use!
  • Industrial grade components used to withstand harsh environments.
  • Multiple data entry protection provided. Auto reset facility offered.
  • IP55 Grade Enclosures offered.
  • Function Keys can be programmed as per Customer's requirements.
  • Additional function keys can be offered.