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Capacitive Switch Panels

  • Capacitive Switch Panels
  • Capacitive Switch Panels
  • Capacitive Switch Panels
  • Capacitive Switch Panels

About Products :

These Capacitive Switch Panels are operate by just touching them with our fingers. As the working is based on a solid state circuit, the life of these switches is virtually infinite and will last the life time of the product in which they are used. Capacitive switches can be offered on any di-electric panel like Plastic, Glass, Wood, Granite Tiles, etc. They can be embedded in the di-electric material itself so that they remain unaffected by harsh environments. The switches can be offered as Momentary or in Latching mode. (Toggle).

Industry :

Medical Electronics, Process Controls, Hotels/Hospitality Sector, Consumer Electronics, etc.


Medical Devices, Elevator Controls, Access Controls, Cooking Ranges, Kitchen Appliances, etc.

Technology :

The working of these switches is based on Charge Detector (CD) technology. When any user touches the key / switch area the capacitive charge from the user’s body is detected by a specially developed circuit, and the signal is passed on to the system. The solid state nature of the circuit makes the life of such a switch virtually infinite.


Capacitive Switches are one of the most versatile switches as they can be operated by a mere touch of the finger. As they can be embedded in any di-electric, it makes them impervious to all external factors like temperature, dust, humidity etc. As these switches do not have any contacts, they can easily last a lifetime. This has made Capacitive switches very popular in consumer electronics (Ipod), Kitchen Appliances (Cooking Ranges), Access Controls (Door Openers), Process Controls (Elevator Buttons), etc. Enquire Now
  • Infinite Life
  • Toggle Switching Operations.
  • Pulsed Operations.
  • Direct interface of switches with user's system via UART / I2C./ RS 232 / Parallel ports etc.
  • Back lit switches.
  • In built LED Driver for visual feedback which saves user end I/O ports.
  • Switch Operation through any dielectric like Plastic, Glass, Wood, Granite, etc.